Review: Rajkahini (2015) – Bengali – Srijit Mukherji

Rajkahini (2015)

Disclaimer: This is more of a rant consisting of my personal views about the movie. Not only regarding the movie, but also the various topics covered by it. Hence, this blog post shouldn’t be considered the kind of traditional ‘reviews’ that critics do, as the coverage of the writing is beyond the movie itself.

The thing with Srijit Mukherji movies is — each new one makes you think, “this is by far the most different one of the lot”. And, the man somehow manages to keep that feeling a constant with each new release of his.

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Review: Nirbaak (2015) – Bengali – Srijit Mukherji


Amidst constant hindrances, I was finally able to watch Nirbaak at the Mitra Cinema Hall, here in Kolkata. Nirbaak is a one of its kind Bengali film, by Srijit Mukherji. I was overflowed with the amount of interest I had for watching this movie. Partly because, I watched all the previous movies by Srijit before and found each of them kind of different and belonging to a different class of its own within the Bengali film space. Otherwise because, Nirbaak, particularly, at least from the trailer, seemed to be the most weird and different movie by Srijit so far. So there was that overpowering intention to watch it as soon as possible — and it made me inexplicably glad in the end.

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Review: Chander Pahar – Movie

Chander Pahar Poster

Today, I had the opportunity to watch Chander Pahar, here in Kolkata at the Inox theater in Forum Mall, along with a good friend. Though the lead actor in the movie easily isn’t one of my most favourite actors in Bengali cinema, but I was still pretty much eager to watch the movie primary because of two reasons:

  • I had read the original novel of the same name by Bibhutibhusan Bandopadhyay when I was literally a child. I loved it!
  • Bengali film industry hadn’t seen such a movie before.

I’d say I wasn’t entirely disappointed by this flick, and it in fact deserves a lot of praise for a few things.

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