Hi! My name is Rohit Palit. I live in Kolkata, India. Glad you decided to visit this site!


I’m a technology enthusiast. I believe that I also have knowledge about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), WordPress, Blogging,  and Online Marketing. I’m also very passionate about Web Hosting and Website Optimization. I’m a freelance SEO and Web Hosting / Web Optimization consultant. You can check out some of the services that I provide.

You might want to read my blog. The posts aren’t particularly about a single topic. I use the blog as a platform to publish my (random) thoughts.

I run a website called ‘TechTage‘. It consists of a blog and a forum. It basically covers a topics related to SEO and Inbound Marketing. Like always, I’m more interested in the technical aspects of even SEO and Inbound Marketing.

I’m interested in open-source projects, like — WordPress, which this site is built using, and… Android, the OS that my phone runs.