Hi, I'm Rohit

I'm a web entrepreneur, and I currently run Ventrow Digital along with my super talented remote team.

Prior to this, I worked as an SEO consultant for 3 years with various startups across the US, UK, Canada, Singapore and India.

While writing about SEO and my experiments related to it on TechTage, I got featured by tier 1 SEO publications like Search Engine Journal and SEMRush.

Rohit Palit

What I'm Up to these Days

  • Running Ventrow Digital full-time
  • Experimenting with SEO (side projects)
  • Traveling

I originally registered this domain back in 2013. It was meant for a place to share my personal thoughts on things. Since around 2015, I didn't really get the time for personal blogging, more so after I took digital publishing as my full-time career.

Still, you can find all my older blog posts (that I mostly wrote as a teenager for just myself) in my blog.


I've had a curious mind since childhood, always thinking about the why behind anything new that I heard.

This led me to get involved with building custom ROMs at age 10, for the first-generation Symbian smartphones. This ultimately led me to build my own smartphone forum.

Along the way, I learned many little technical things about building a website, while having no formal education on the subject.

Soon enough, I started building many other sites since I was genuinely passionate about building and tweaking websites. This also led me to get started with SEO since I had to solely rely on organic traffic.