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Search Engine Optimization

SEO is rapidly evolving. Search Engines are becoming more determined to provide users more relevant results. I and my team have successfully worked together on websites of more than 25 niches. My aim is not to trick Search Engines, but to actually help you with ranking your useful content higher in related search results.

I will plan an inbound marketing strategy just for your site. It doesn’t always have to be SEO that could provide you the highest ROI. But if it is, I will make your high-quality website ranks higher on all major search engines and sustain the rankings using my deep knowledge.

My SEO Services are not for you if…

  1. You want me to rank worthless scraped content higher in search results.
  2. You’re not ready to let me implement the most recent strategies.
  3. You won’t be able to trust me about what I do with your website.

Practically speaking, there’s a very low chance that you and I will end up working together on your site. You and I might not fit well working together, but if we do, there’s no limit on how much I can improve the overall SEO of your website and increase organic traffic to your site.

I believe in delivering quality service, so I generally work with 1 client at a time when it comes to SEO consultation. The best way to know whether I’m free for new work is to drop me an email using the contact form above.

WordPress Setup

I set up WordPress websites for people. That’s the simplest way to explain this. While WordPress is necessarily a blogging platform, it’s used by a large number of other types of websites too.

There are reasons why my WordPress installs are better overall than those auto-installed by something like Softaculous. I’ve listed a few important ones below which (I believe) I can explain without going too technical:

  • I always perform manual installations. Beginners generally avoid going the manual route of installing WordPress by using softwares like Fantastico, but manual installations give users more internal details and flexibility about the installations (MySQL database settings for example).
  • Though WordPress is a very SEO-friendly platform by default, still atleast a few SEO issues generally persist with newly set-up WordPress sites. In addition to fixing those, I also make sure the foundation of SEO of the site is alright by tweaking small (but important) settings here and there, adding a sitemap index file, modifying robots.txt etc. Unless your website falls under a highly competitive niche, these should get you at the front page of Google without additional measures given that you post unique high-quality content on your website.
  • I improve the security of WordPress by implementing a few proven-to-be-effective methods. On top of the already strong security that WordPress offers, the added measures ensure that you never have another spammy comment on your blog or someone gaining access to your site without you knowing.

If you’re interested, you can send me an email using the contact form above.

Website Optimization

I analyse websites and help people make their websites faster by tweaking code, installing CDN (optional) and implementing a set of personally tested effective strategies.

The speed of a website acts as a ranking factor in search results. Users want your website to load fast, and Google takes users’ concerns very seriously while ranking web pages in its search results.

A good way to check how your website performs is to use Google’s PageSpeed tool. It gives you a rough estimation of how optimized the code on your website is and how that affects the speed of your site.

My Website Optimization service isn’t for you if…

  1. Your website resides on a ridiculously slow server that takes a lot of time on its own to even respond. In that case, the ideal solution would be to shift to a different web host.
  2. You’d be sceptical about what I really do with your beloved website.

I don’t work on more than one Website Optimization project at a time, and I specialise in WordPress optimization. The best way to know more about my availability is to contact me through the contact form above.

Web Hosting Consultation

I help people choose a web host that is perfect for their website. I make basic recommendations about decent web hosts to people for free. I also provide a paid consultation service to those who need to make sure that they absolutely get the perfect host for their websites. I analyse their websites, the nature and structure of them, and based on that recommend a web host.

There’s a lot of chances that you might go with a bad host if you think using Google is the best way to find a good web host, or web hosting isn’t simply your cup of tea. I will be there for literally as the saviour. Like I said, I’ll analyse your website (if you have one) and get data or use data that you provide me about your upcoming website and recommend a reliable web hosting company based on that. My recommendation will be completely unbiased, as I’ll never get any benefit from recommending a company among others.

There are thousands of web hosting companies out there, so terms like ‘best’ don’t really exist. But I assure you that I’ll get you a host that’s ideal for your website.

Likewise, the best way to contact me about this is to throw me an email through the contact form above.

I write blog posts often about related stuff in TechTage.