Wisdom Mode

So, I was in my wisdom mode today and came across a few nice reads (and a few that were either too awesome to be understood by me or plain stupid) and watches.

Here are the reads, I won’t tell which one was good, which one was great, and which one was awful, use your title decoding skills to make that out for yourself:

And the videos:

Why I stopped watching porn | Ran Gavrieli

Why you will fail to have a great career | Larry Smith

How to learn anything – first 20 hours | Josh Kaufman

Update about me: I’m just back after dealing with the selection exams ahead of the board exams in March, next year. Ohh, and yeah, I’m also a year older. Too bad I didn’t manage to even write about it like I did last year.


6 Rules to Success – Arnold Schwarzenegger

I kind of trust in myself, break the rules all the time, am always willing to fail, more often than not ignore the naysayers, but don’t work like hell. That’s it, I hate to admit it, but I really struggle with working as hard as I’d like me to work. Also, though I believe I kind of have it in my nature, I need to work more on giving things back to others…

Trying the Sennheiser HD 202 II

So, I got the pair of HD 202s delivered today. First impression: sound is great, but not phenomenal. I’m getting to listen to new, fine details of music that my previous headphones were unable to render. But, I’m used to the big, thumping sound thanks to my a-Jays One+. Although it’s a pair of in-ears, it’s still the best in-ears I’ve listened to. All in all, the purchase wasn’t bad at all, since the Sennheisers still outperform the a-Jays in detail and other areas and are more comfortable to wear for long periods of time at home.

Happiness is not…

Happiness is not

… having white hairs at the age of 16. No matter how many times ignorant folks relate the phenomena to having high intellect, I secretly blame the mobile phone tower at the top of our apartment more than anything else. Medical science has a long way to go…

There’s a common pattern though, it’s not only me, there are many students of our school, some even much younger than me, exhibiting the same awkwardness. So I guess it’s some common thing we all go through / have. Maybe it’s due to the air pollution of this city, maybe it’s the crappy quality chemicals-boosted veggies or crops? You never know…

Ordered a Sennheiser HD 202 II


So, I needed a good pair of over-the-ear headphones, ideally with a nice piece of microphone as well. Unfortunately, among the ones that fulfilled both the requirements, none impressed me enough. So, in the end I decided to not spend a lot on a pair of Audio Technicas, and ordered the Sennheiser HD 202 II which I got for around $25 after reading a ton of positive user as well as expert reviews. Should get it on Monday if things go as planned. A bit eager to try a new kinda sound. I mostly listen to punk rock, hard rock and a little bit of metal anyway. Didn’t need an audiophil’istic one to begin with, though I’m setting my expectations high indeed for the HD 202 II.

Ahh, is this like the first post of the year?

My Moto G XT1032 16GB (Global GSM)
My Moto G XT1032 16GB (Global GSM)

First of all, it feels ridiculous to realize that this is the first post of this year on my personal blog. Inconsistent periods really piss me off. So, I got this beast on the 27th of January, when it was still unavailable in India. I got it from an eBay seller. Finally, I moved on to a new phone, leaving behind my 1.5yrs old, shitty, Motorola Fire XT that was running (and hanging) on Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

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