Usain Bolt takes the 100 meters crown in 9.77 seconds in Moscow


Okay, so Usain Bolt won the 100m final again in the World Championships 2013 in Moscow. He ran the distance in 9.77s. As you can judge from this post, posted minutes before the start of the race, I was expecting big things from the Jamaican. For example, a sub 9.70s, if not a sub 9.60s, run. Little did I know about the rain, which literally single-handedly ruined the pace of the sprinting event, with only 2 men running under 9.90 seconds.

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Usain Bolt coming back shortly to his business

Whoooo! Usain Bolt just came to the track in Moscow in World Athletics Championships 2013 to compete for the final of Mens’ 100m sprint, having run a 9.92 seconds in his semi-final. With a 9.85 seconds season-best performance, he clearly doesn’t look as fast as he did when he broke the world record with his 9.58 seconds run back in 2009 in Berlin. Then again, he’s Usain Bolt. I can’t predict  a single thing except that he’ll win the race tonight. Maybe a new world record on its way… 😉