Net Neutrality – The Old Mindset that Keeps Resisting Innovation

Fortunately, this STILL is not the reality.

At present, the major telecom companies in India are pressurizing the Indian Govt. to pass laws that’ll allow them to treat each type of internet traffic differently. It essentially means that it’ll no longer be you as an user who decides what you want to browse on the internet. They instead want to control what, how and when you use the internet. Many pro-net neutrality groups and experts are linking net neutrality directly to freedom of speech — and they’re not wrong in doing so.

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Anyone With a Working Brain Can Predict the Future of SEO

How SEO is going to evolve in the near future

Okay, so they all know what Google is up to. They all know what the Penguin 2.0 update is gonna bring. The future of Search Engine Optimization is as clear as daylight to them. But, you know what… even you can predict how SEO will shape up in the near future, if you keep track of the latest of the search engine world. It’s simple: you know what Google wants, and predict the future of SEO based on that.

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WordPress 3.6 – Finally!

So, I finally got the love of WordPress 3.6 (final). I have been running 3.6 beta’s and RC’s since the 2 months. In case you don’t know, WordPress 3.6 comes with Twenty Thirteen, a new default theme that focusses on the ‘blog’ layout more than ever. There are quite a few other interesting features in …

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