WordPress 3.6 – Finally!

So, I finally got the love of WordPress 3.6 (final). I have been running 3.6 beta’s and RC’s since the 2 months. In case you don’t know, WordPress 3.6 comes with Twenty Thirteen, a new default theme that focusses on the ‘blog’ layout more than ever. There are quite a few other interesting features in WordPress 3.6 as well. They’ve created this cool video to show off WP 3.6.

WordPress 3.6 (Oscar) comes with support for different post formats (for themes supporting them). This is an awesome thing. All those bold, vibrant colours look great in blogs! Great job, WordPress team!

I’m now running WordPress 3.7 Alpha (24954) on this site, though. It got updated from 3.6 RC2 to 3.7-alpha-24954 automatically as I had the ‘bleeding edge nightlies’ enabled in WordPress Beta Tester plugin. Stable for me so far… 🙂