What I’ve been up to this month

I haven’t been able to blog regularly this month. I was working on a couple of things, studying (remember I’m still in school?), and was involved in a few miscellaneous things.

This month, the start was good with TechTage. I posted a semi-review of CrazyEgg which got good reactions from my visitors, and was shared by quite a few people across social networks, including CrazyEgg co-founder Neil Patel.

A week later, I posted the second post of the month. To be honest, I was pleased to put some of my knowledge about optimizing WordPress sites to create a post, over 2.5K words in length, like that.

Naturally, it also got very good reactions from my audience, and was shared across social media by quite a few influencers. I’m embedding some of the tweets below:

That post nearly broke our all-time traffic record, set by another long post on WordPress SEO back in july.

The last one in the lot is a guest post by Liam McCarthy on Removing Unnatural Links. He wrote a very useful, complete guide on auditing link profiles, manually approaching webmasters of linking sites to remove those links pointing at your site, and how to use Google’s disavow tool in case the outreach approach fails.

I’ve also come across a pretty awesome blog post by Eat24, How to Advertise on A Porn Website. It’s just EPIC, with respect to the ideas that went behind such an innovative inbound marketing campaign.

Submitting that post to Inbound.org gave me 77 up-votes so far, and I’ve now unknowingly and unintentionally hit the #1 spot of their ‘Influential Members’.


So far, the goals for this month have been:

  • To publish good content.
  • To read and learn more about things that interest me, online.
  • To improve my performance in studies. I seriously have to regain my late-2012, early-2013 form in order to have any chance of entirely going through a syllabi as huge as ours.

That’s all that’s in my mind at the moment. I’ll be eager to see how things turn out. 🙂

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