Religious Crap


So, it’s all festive mood here. And this dumb locality has successfully screwed up my brain for, I assume, these four days, 10th to 13th of October. I seriously don’t know why they’re given permission to play crappy music and even more annoying mantra recitations on loud speakers…

These people are so unevolved, so unevolved, that they probably don’t even think of using headphones instead. Also, something as useless and as unscientific as mantra recitation (that too with major flaws, very few people actually know Sanskrit to the core) is enjoyed, rather in fear, by literally millions of people.

I’ve recorded a small clip (when I was inside my room), and you can get a feel of the sound coming on through my windows. Pathetically annoying or not, your call:

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What you missed since the last round-up

Since the last round-up of interesting posts, you’ve missed quite a few ones on TechTage:

Two in-depth SEO guides and two insights/analyses. That’s all for now. Let me know what you think about these.

Flew some kites today!


Today was Viswakarma Puja. People (especially the youth) here go crazy over kites on 17th September every year. I’ve been flying kites since I was probably 7. My performance was poor today by my standards, though. It was the first time I flew kites in 2013, so I was definitely not at the peak of my form. Plus, the wind was slow throughout the day. I tend to perform better under fast wind. Anyway, no qualms. It was fun, deciding to get those kites and the manja (thread) yesterday while returning from school. I’ve got 4 kites left. I’ll probably fly them this coming Sunday. 🙂

Did I waste time?

I’m feeling pretty exhausted and bored after trying a variety of themes on a test WordPress setup. I wanted a new responsive theme for TechTage as the old one is a fixed-width theme and I felt the need for  a new theme.

I tried the famous Genesis framework, but to my surprise, I found it incredibly hard to modify. It was even harder than the original TechTage theme (based on YooTheme’s Warp framework) to modify.  Maybe because I’m a hundred times more comfortable with HTML and CSS than PHP hooks. Maybe… The whole concept of hook adding in functions.php seemed dull and boring to me. :/

I was trying some experiments with the Twenty Twelve theme as well. It’s responsive, and is easy to customize using a child theme. I’ll see how things turn out. Opinions about the current theme of TechTage and future theme suggestions are welcome. 🙂

Usain Bolt Would Run Around 9.40 seconds in 100m If He Didn’t Have Scoliosis

I believe Usain Bolt would run around 9.40 seconds in 100m if he didn’t have scoliosis. An analysis of his running by Michael Johnson suggests that in his starting portions of a race, he tends to move too much laterally, causing him to lose some valuable acceleration which he could’ve got for his drive phase, I believe which in turn is caused by the unfortunate condition of his spine. Being troubled by scoliosis myself, I know how it affects core body movement.