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So, it’s all festive mood here. And this dumb locality has successfully screwed up my brain for, I assume, these four days, 10th to 13th of October. I seriously don’t know why they’re given permission to play crappy music and even more annoying mantra recitations on loud speakers…

These people are so unevolved, so unevolved, that they probably don’t even think of using headphones instead. Also, something as useless and as unscientific as mantra recitation (that too with major flaws, very few people actually know Sanskrit to the core) is enjoyed, rather in fear, by literally millions of people.

I’ve recorded a small clip (when I was inside my room), and you can get a feel of the sound coming on through my windows. Pathetically annoying or not, your call:

Some of these say the rest of the year that astrology is bullshit and astrologers are scammers, yet when the priests recite the arguably incorrect mantras along with astrological details (I don’t know why, but they mention about astrological stuff) they keep their mouths happily shut.

This is a painfully boring and dangerously backdated society.

What have been going on for years, go on easily, get accepted by people without any issues here. Try to be different, and everyone will make bad remarks about you.

“Shitty meaningless songs and unscientific mantra recitations play locally on loud speakers – no one gives a fuck. Protest – everyone loses their minds.”

The whole state loses its mind during the Durga Puja. It’s awful everywhere. Loud sound, bad traffic (you can walk faster than a Ferrari 360 Spider during the Durga Puja), fucked up atmosphere, extra pollution, religious retards going full retard… Geez.

I am not disrespecting a religion as they say. I’m just saying, stay happy with your bollocks, shut your fucking mouth, and ensure the peace of mind of non-interested people.

Around 5 years earlier, a goddamned (aha) person met me the day before my exam and claimed that all this (his religious beliefs) is fucking real. He was so ready to prove his fucking point that he challenged me, if I put my foot on his Kali goddess’ head, which I did, I would fail in the exam the next day, which I didn’t – I managed a 96%. Now, this isn’t worth discussing with sensible people.

Inner peace? Epic truth? It’s science bitches… Go read some psychology books instead of uttering mantras for your own gods’ sake.

And here I am, without the Internet, bugged by some weird network fluctuations since the start of the Pujas. I’m mostly unproductive and the ISP people are on vacation. So, indirectly I’m being affected by this thing.

It’s no worse than Fascism. Your productivity gets hampered due to religious crap, they don’t give a flying fuck. Their mantra recitation on loud speakers get affected by your objection, they’ll turn green rage monsters like the Hulk and come to attack you.

Hypocritic, double-standard, backward, society with no intentions whatsoever of moving forward. Period.

Written on 11th OctoberI just got internet back a while ago.

6 thoughts on “Religious Crap”

  1. Exactly! I’m a Hindu…and I like my religion for the freedom that it provides. And I know about that freedom because I’ve read Bhagwad Gita and other parts of Vedas that our school syllabus made us to study. And these so called heads of religion, priests and respected elders bend the things written in these holy books according to their will.

    We are living in a Fake Hindu world created by such people for their own comfort. Real Hinduism gives us freedom, it makes us polite, it keeps us from disturbing others in any way. But these a**ho*** have destroyed it!

  2. @Krishna This should be an addendum to the Bhagwad Gita.

    Rohit, have you thought about how some people actually believe chanting is scientific and therapeutic? Others who turn up their noses at this believe music is beneficial, which, they don’t realize, falls in the same category!


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