Sixteen – does that sound cool?

Rohit Palit

So, I’ve turned 16 a few minutes ago. To be honest, I don’t remember too much of the 15th year of my life. Apart from getting seriously interested in SEO and delivering a performance in the board exams in February which was due since my birth, I don’t really remember many other things.

Like always, I don’t know what I’ll end up doing this year.

I intend to be a really really really great person to begin with. A logical, sensible, confident person with emotions (still) left – seriously, life is not all about brains.

I missed my real life a lot in the past year. It was like, organising all the things that I learned while I was 14, plus a few new ones, and just write them up in the board exams.

Fifteen has been a quiet year in terms of relationships as well. I’m not sure if that’s how an average Joe spends his third teenage year.

SEO is fun to me. So is Science. I always have a hard time when someone forces something on me. It was a similar situation a couple of months back with studies.

I want to move out to somewhere else. I know I won’t be able to, atleast for 1.5 more years… I’m stuck here.

Not that I hate the place itself. I have nothing against nature. I just hate the stupid people around here. I’m not claiming that I’m clever, but these people are insane and very very much immature.

I don’t really wanna escape. But, if I stay here like this, maybe become an engineer, and get an ordinary job, the offsprings of these people would also be like them. And this area will still suck.

I want to come back when I’ll actually be able to do something. There’s no use advising people. They don’t really like free advice.

I hope that I will never get either overwhelmed/pressurized by Science as a whole or get uninterested/bored of it. I’d just be one of those illogical people if I did.

Ohh, and I wished that Indian govt. issued driving licenses at least to 16 year-olds. I can’t travel by fucked up public transport for another two years. Seriously, this affects my going to school regularly and thus passively affects my studies.

Lastly, I hope my spinal curvature doesn’t progress. I really want to stay in good shape. I should’ve almost reached my skeletal maturity now that I’m 16.

So, that’s all… a few bits and pieces, fragmented version of what I really want. If I could publish everything online, and thought doing that is fine, I wouldn’t have kept personal diaries for years. Going through your personal diary entries is a feeling that I can never express in words…

The decision to admit myself in my own school has so far proved to be a wrong one. The facilities suck. The Science practicals aren’t really practicals. The faculty have started showing their limits, both in terms of knowledge and patience. So, like I always do, I’ve started relying on myself for learning new things. It’s exciting, except for the fact that I tend to skip boring chapters.

I love to be free in my own ways. I’m just working on that a bit more lately… Hope I’ll be able to keep this blog running for sometime.

18 thoughts on “Sixteen – does that sound cool?”

  1. Go get a life and get laid. There are thousands of people commuting in much worse way then you are. Stop complaining and start enjoying what you have, freak. Try travelling in a mumbai local train and then tell that shit to anyone. You are douchebag who just can complain. Weirdo.

  2. Wow, it’s great to hear that you took your life into your hands with just 16 years so to speak. Just 1.5 years and you can go wherever you want, good luck and happy birthday! 😉

    • “that you took your life into your hands with just 16 years so to speak” – I’ve actually thought about the same thing before, but never managed to write it in such a nice-sounding way. 🙂

  3. Ki Dada … Kolkata bhalo laagche naa ?

    Matt Cutts naa Amit Singhal ke bolbo ?

    Jokes apart – Where are you in above pic ? Looking peaceful and close to mother nature .. is it some kind of multi national company’s real estate venture ?

  4. Hi rohit

    My belief is that all people should always have two pathways in life… .one pathway you will need to take to pay the bills you will at some stage have to pay …. and the other pathway to the place you want to be or whihc gives you fulfilment and joy .. now if the pathway where you want to be is already paying the bills .. then true freedom and independence is not too far away…

    Jeff (

  5. Hi Rohit! I was reading some of your (great) SEO posts and landed on your personal blog…I can’t believe you are 16! When I was your age I didn’t even know what internet marketing was 🙂 I wish you the best!


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