Happiness is not…

Happiness is not

… having white hairs at the age of 16. No matter how many times ignorant folks relate the phenomena to having high intellect, I secretly blame the mobile phone tower at the top of our apartment more than anything else. Medical science has a long way to go…

There’s a common pattern though, it’s not only me, there are many students of our school, some even much younger than me, exhibiting the same awkwardness. So I guess it’s some common thing we all go through / have. Maybe it’s due to the air pollution of this city, maybe it’s the crappy quality chemicals-boosted veggies or crops? You never know…

It’s been more than a month…

It’s been more than a month since the last blog post. Meanwhile, I have published this epic guide on improving Domain Authority at the beginning of last month. I then had exams starting from the later stages of the last month which came to an end today. Exams went pretty horribly so I’m having to think hard about my current studying strategy, and ways to improve my academic learning. Actually, the problem is more of the faulty Indian Education System than mine. I’ll talk about that later. 🙂

BVB 4-0 Augsburg – Pretty Good Signing, Klopp!

I was amazed to see Borussia Dortmund thrash Augsburg 4-0 in an away match a few days back. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang showed his class en route to his fine hat-trick. Lewandowski converted a penalty (earned by Jonas Hofmann) in the closing minutes.


Signing Aubameyang for only €13 million was indeed a brilliant move by Jürgen Klopp. The Gabon international proved his worth in his first two competitive matches for BVB. I’m now looking forward to seeing another new signing, the man supposed to be the direct replacement for Mario Götze, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, play his debut match for Dortmund.

Usain Bolt coming back shortly to his business

Whoooo! Usain Bolt just came to the track in Moscow in World Athletics Championships 2013 to compete for the final of Mens’ 100m sprint, having run a 9.92 seconds in his semi-final. With a 9.85 seconds season-best performance, he clearly doesn’t look as fast as he did when he broke the world record with his 9.58 seconds run back in 2009 in Berlin. Then again, he’s Usain Bolt. I can’t predict  a single thing except that he’ll win the race tonight. Maybe a new world record on its way… 😉

Did I waste time?

I’m feeling pretty exhausted and bored after trying a variety of themes on a test WordPress setup. I wanted a new responsive theme for TechTage as the old one is a fixed-width theme and I felt the need for  a new theme.

I tried the famous Genesis framework, but to my surprise, I found it incredibly hard to modify. It was even harder than the original TechTage theme (based on YooTheme’s Warp framework) to modify.  Maybe because I’m a hundred times more comfortable with HTML and CSS than PHP hooks. Maybe… The whole concept of hook adding in functions.php seemed dull and boring to me. :/

I was trying some experiments with the Twenty Twelve theme as well. It’s responsive, and is easy to customize using a child theme. I’ll see how things turn out. Opinions about the current theme of TechTage and future theme suggestions are welcome. 🙂

Usain Bolt Would Run Around 9.40 seconds in 100m If He Didn’t Have Scoliosis

I believe Usain Bolt would run around 9.40 seconds in 100m if he didn’t have scoliosis. An analysis of his running by Michael Johnson suggests that in his starting portions of a race, he tends to move too much laterally, causing him to lose some valuable acceleration which he could’ve got for his drive phase, I believe which in turn is caused by the unfortunate condition of his spine. Being troubled by scoliosis myself, I know how it affects core body movement.

BVB 4 – 2 Bayern


I watched the 2013 German SuperCup final between Borussia Dortmund (the team I support) and Bayern Munich. Yesterday was saturday, so choosing to watch the match till 2 A.M. wasn’t a hard decision.

I can say that it was worth the time. The match was incredibly pacy, with Jurgen Klopp’s men dominating over Bayern, who seemed to try Tiki-Taka, which I hate.

Incredible performance from Marco Reus, as well as Ilkay Gundogan. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang stole some spotlights with his speed and that assist to Reus, coming on late in the second-half.

I found it funny when Van Buyten courageously netted the swirling ball into his own net. 😀

Awesome final overall. The die Schwarzgelben deserved the win. 🙂

BVB Goals: Reus x2, Van Buyten (Own Goal), Gundogan
Bayern Goals: Arjen Robben x2